Anyone know the rules of tennis? And how to play it?

I want to try out for the tennis team, but i have NO idea how to play!!! I could hit the ball, but I don't know anything else! HELP!


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there are singles and doubles. the inside, skinny court lines are the singles court boundries. the outside lines are the boundries for the doubles court. the about 2 ft space in between those lines is called the alley.

when you serve, you stand at the baseline (back line of the court) and you stand to one side of the small dash. you serve overhand, cross court and the ball must land in the opposite box.

scoring goes as love-love (0-0), then fifteen, thirty, fourty. when you are tied fourty-fourty with your opponent, its called deuce. you must win by two. the person who is serving will serve the ball and if they win the point, they serve and say AD-IN (they have the advantage and only need to win one more point to win that game)

tennis is played in sets. the first one to 6 games, winning by at least two games, wins the set.

umm..i think thats it for basics. as you play you'll learn more strategy and any special circumstances rules. good luck i hope you make the team! i played high school tennis all four years, it was soo much fun :)

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It's really confusing, and you have to have someone with you towalk you through it or you won't get it at all.

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The main thing is to keep the ball inbounds and get it over the net. Try not to hit the ball too hard in hope of making it go faster. Once you get the basics and technique down, then you will begin putting some topspin on the ball, which will make it go faster. The rules are pretty simple. For singles the inner side line is inbounds. For double it is the outer side line. The base line is inbounds for both singles and doubles. The service line is one box in the front to mid court.

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Tennis, like any other sports, has many rules.
I would advise to have a friend explain the basic rules to you while you practice. This is an easy introduction.
The rules of tennis and actually made of two set of rules: the code and the rules.
All those rules can be found at or go to the US Tennis Association web site and seach for rules.
Perhaps the one that you should read is called the Code.
That code defines how we are expected to behave on a court, like the fact that if we are not sure where a ball landed, we should call it in.
For the rest of the many rules, I would advise to just look up specific questions that you would have, raising from something which happened in a match that you played.
There is no value in trying to learn and remember all the rules.
One suggestion: USTA sells ($5) these rules in a small booklet called 'Friend at Court' which is handy to have in a tennis bag, and that you can browse at will.
The rules included in that books are almost all made up from actual situations where the players would not agree or just could not come up with a simple rational solution.
Such a situation/rule addresses the case where the two players do not agree with the current score, so a rule defines how we either build such an agreement or what to do otehrwise so the game can be resumed.
There are additional rules for tennis leagues which complement the ones already listed above. College tennis also has its special rules (to be noted is that gilrs and guys have different additional rules in college).

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There are so many rules it'd be crazy to put them here. Try checking out wikipedia and subscribing to Tennis magazine. Also, watch as much tennis as possible. I do all that and it's really helped me!

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If you really don't know anything about the game and you want to try out for the team I would consider taking a few lessons from a coach. Depending on the coach and the area, tennis lessons can be expensive. If you want you can split the costs by getting a semi lesson with a friend, or even with a few friends.
I'm sure if you ask the coach he will be able to explain the rules and answer your questions.
Good luck!

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