Anyone seen Jelena Dokic?

Father of the Year, Damir reckons she's been kidnapped.


Do you think Serena or Venus will get back to being the top players they once were or they are done?

yeah what is up with that?..

by her tennis coach/ ex boyfriend.

Tell me why would he kidnap her? I mean not like damir has a full mental capacity so I am guessing she is just in hiding from her dad.

well i kind of hope she has faked her own death just to get damir out of the news.

anyway i got rid of the freaks that came in, finally, what are you up to? what exactly do you do should i ask.

by the way i would stay, work the day till morning tea go home with a 'migrane' grab my boogie board and speed down the coast... grin I am due for long service that is my incentive.. 1 more year to go...

Wimbledon - What's Jelena Jankovic's Chances to win it all?


Federer' only weakness?

Kidnapped, quick get to the phone.

Has anybody here heard or played a PC game called perfect ace?

Do you mean Jelena Jankovic well if you do then she's ok and she's been beating some pretty good players. She's a fast new comer to the game and may stay inside or move into the top 10 once all of the oldies retire. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... Thats all that I know about her right now I wish her the best of luck and I hope that she continues to win and inilate some people with her spectacular tennis game.

Why was Anna Kournikova called Murzik?

No, have not seen her but will let you know if I do;)

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