Am I the only person in the world that can't stand Roger Federer. He is so annoying to whatch.?


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i cant stand him either...he just keeps on winning and winning which makes the mens tennis world boring

Why do people think Rafa Nadal is better than Roger Federer when clearly The Fed is the best ever?

the only thing that i cant stand about federer is the fact that nobody in the world, with the slight exception of nadal, can challenge him

tennis is becoming a one man sport in a way kind of like golf... if federe is playing more likely than not he'll win, if tiger's playing he'll probably win too, plus now they are friends!

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He annoys me also. He thinks he's the best player to ever grace the world of tennis. It bugs me.

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ur annoying 2 watch cuz u suck at tennis

What male tennis player won French Open in 2001?

Yes. You are the only person in the world that can't stand to watch him. He is by far the best tennis player at the time, but he is not cocky or arrogant.


many people find him annoying...not because he is cocky and arrogent but because no one can challenge him...but i respect him bc he is one of the greatest players i have ever seen play and hes very nice too

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hes to domiant

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I love watching Roger play, I doubt I will during my lifetime i'll watch another player coming so close to perfection! Enjoy it while it last

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I think he is great to watch. His game is so smooth.

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HE IS MAD ANNOYING... like James Blunt singing "you're beautiful" at a funeral

Any body? Any body?

i agree he is arrogant

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I can't complain more if the fact is that Federer couldn't be matched even by any tennis players in the world. Dunno if i'm being too hyperbolic, but this year he proved us that he could post a greater season than he'd ever done at his 2 previous seasons. I love watching him playing and i accept the fact that these last 3 years he's been the man dominating the field, maybe Nadal, Nalbandian or a few other players had beaten him but i guess they were a bit lucky... Matter of fact Federer knocked them off at their next meetings, how does that sound?!
I have no problem for Federer
U are feeling annoyed just because you dislike a ONE man dominating the field. u love a more competitive field better just like the women's circuit.

Amelie Mauresmo. Sigh.?

i can stand him but the problem is he is just too perfect

Federer Or Haas ?

I have no idea

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