Anyone need a tennis partner? In D/FW, Texas area?

I'm looking for a tennis partner in the D/FW - Lewisville/Denton area. I've been playing for 1 month, but my brothers friend (who's been playing for 20 years) said I would be ranked at a level 3.5 - maybe a 4.0 if I played more. I'm joining the usta so I want someone to practice with. I'm 23. Name's Clarke.


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Hey Clarke,

You might want to post in the Dallas/FW section of Answers. But here a few sites to post your request. You'll have better luck than here in a general pool.

Best of luck finding a tennis partner

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Hey, I live in the North Dallas/Carrollton area. I'm always looking for people to hit with! I'm a 5.0+ level player and training specialist so I think I coud definately help you out! Just email me at: if you wanna go hit!

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