Any advice on tennis?


What male tennis player won Australian Open in 1983?

take lessons

Who will become the Men's and Women's Tennis Champion at Australia open?


Where can i find downloadable matches/videos of Steffi Graf?

Try to learn proper form from a friend - hitting lightly is O.K with bad form, but if you like hitting things hard, it's very easy to injure your wrist, and at times your forearm muscles as well (tennis elbow).

Basically, keep your eye on the ball, swing with a solid (doesn't have to be fast) follow through, keeping your wrist semi-stiff, but don't strain. Wrist movement comes later when you wanna add a little spin, but keep it simple if it's your first time.

Is it me or did Ana Ivanovic look different in the Generali Ladies Linz tournament?

first practice your tennis forms with a friend. Forms are important in the beginning, but when you get better, you don't have to be as strict on the way you hit. You should also keep an eye on your racquet when you hit. It's important that you keep the racquet slighlty tilted. And make sure to follow through, which means that when you hit, don't do a half hit. You should do a full swing at the ball. When you do this, your racquet should end up around your left shoulder.

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