Any ideas for golf/tennis elbow?

Has anyone got any ideas of how to treat or help golf elbow, or tennis elbow


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Rest is the main thing. Alternate hot & cold pads can help stimulate blood flow to help healing. The injections should be a last resort; some people complain of the injection itself being very painful and it doesn't always work.

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when its fully rested, soak your elbow in warm water with vinegar, and do daily streches.

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Lay off the sport for a while and then enquire at your GP's surgey about injections of corticosteroid into the elbow joint. It doesn't hurt, and will give relief almost immediately. Perhaps a repeat in 6 months.

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Rest it. Elbow brace. Warm parafin bath, Icy Hot.

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i had it, just was prescribed ibuprofen and told to rest it completely til it was better

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I did a physiotherapy placement where they used Shockwave Therapy to treat stubborn conditions such as tennis elbow with an apparently high success rate.

I believe sound waves are directed at the area but it is not known exactly how they work on tendons. The aim of the treatment is to assist in healing of tears of the tendon.

Worth looking into if you've sufferred with this for a long time and other treatments have failed.

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Tennis elbow (or lateral epicondylitis -- lat. epicondylitis lateralis humeri) is a condition where the outer part of the elbow becomes painful and tender, usually as a result of a specific strain or overuse. Whilst it is called "tennis elbow", it should be noted that it is by no means restricted to tennis players. Anyone who does a lot of work involving lifting at the elbow or repetitive movements at the wrist is susceptible to the complaint. The condition was first described in 1883.
Although not founded in clinical research, the tennis player's treatment of choice is frequent icing and compression (Cold compression therapy) for inflammation, and taking anti-inflammatory pain-killers, such as ibuprofen. In general the evidence base for intervention measures is poor. A brace might also be recommended by a doctor to reduce the range of movement in the elbow and thus reduce the use and pain. Also, ergonomic considerations are important to help with the successful relief of lateral elbow pain.
for more info; visit the page below:

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I am a professional tennis coach, and have done extensive research on tennis elbow conditions...if you want help i need to ask you some questions. my e mail is

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