Who is your favorite tennis player in men? And why?


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It can be anyone.As long as they have good sportmanship and great and awesome strategies, it can be anyone. But for now, i prefer Roger Federer.

Who is your favourite male tennis player?

Andy Rodrick he is hot

Tennis Racquet Grip Sizes?

Probably Andy Roddick or Roger Federer. They're both good. I like their strokes. Good strategies.

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cant decide between andy roddick and leyton hewitt...they are both young hot amazing tennis players..kudos to hewitt because he is fast moving from side to side

If a tennis racket made by combining all advantages: Wilson Nano+ Price O3 hole + head airflow, is it best?

Roger Federer cuz he is so dominant.

Which future Wimbledon champion played her first professional match against Tracey Austin in 1982?

Marcos Bagdhatis...he is jsut out there cuz he wants to have fun...when he was crampin up at the end of the 5th set against Agassi at the US Open last year...he wasn't bummed, crying, or disappointed...he was laughing and he could hardly walk...he was still winning points and havin fun the whole time...i think every tennis player should be out there wiht the same attitude as Bagdhatis cuz that;s what tennis is all about...havin fun till the day is dun

Whats the purpose of a tennis wristband?

james blake- because he is making an amazing comback and it is just awesome to watch him get better and better!
and the whole thing with the J-block charity,- its pretty honorable

Who is the greatest tennis player to ever play the game? Which grandslam match would your rate as the greatest

well, clearly rodger federer is one of the most dominant players ever, but ANDY RODDICK IS HOTTER THAN THEM ALL! hes so gorgeous i dont even care

How would u rate the Indian tennis sensation Sania Mirza?

Andy Murray, and Rodger Federer, I think that Murray has a great chance to be #1. And Federer is the best player.

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