Andy Who?

Congrats to Federer...Yes i know i'm probably the only one rooting for him but hey...we all can't love the same person!!!


What male tennis player won French Open in 2001?

Too bad for Roddick Lovers and Roger Haters. The Legend Roger Federer will live on and continue to kick everyone's a**es for a few years, win more than 13 Grand Slam Titles, beat Nadal at French Open, and become the greatest male Tennis Player ever lived. (The only time I hope him lose is when he meet Safin, because everytime he loses to Safin, he becomes better).

Just a little fact, the US Open Final Aces Rod 7/Fed 17

Why Federer loses to Nadal ?

AWW come on! I just wanted to go and give Andy a hug. I wish he would have won. Sorry, but I really have a serious hate for Federer now. I never liked him very much.

To all Sharapova fans... Do you find it very disappointing that she withdrew from Moscow?

Andy really played big in the 2006 US Open finals but i think Federer just had all the answers to it. Andy's good but Federer had the composure. Me too i'm an Arod fan but Federer really is something to work out.

Do you prefer HEAD?

I was rooting for Roger too. Andy was doing well as of late, but Federer showed why he's #1 in the world when he beat Roddick.

Tennis Racquets?

Of course Federer is a great player, but personally for me, there's no fun in rooting for someone who is supposed to win all the time and be perfect, unless it's Tiger Woods, since in golf, no one really makes me care about it besides him. I mean, with James Blake, you get a fair share of drama every match as he attempts to close it out.

From wher i sell get the video CD/DVD of tennis in ahamdabad or downlod from net?

Totally agree, there wasn't any doubt that Roddick would beat Federer. But you have to admit the guy is getting better, thanks to Jimmy.
He can only get better from here. From dropping out in the first round to winning Cincy and semis at US Open he's doing good. Plus you have to feel sorry for the guy, the poor kid was crying. :(

Sides heard that Federer might be retiring soon, but he hasn't confirmed it. Give Federer what is due to him, the guy is just good.

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fedrerr who ?

Question for girls only, in tennis?

Roddick played a very good match, but Federer showed how complete his game is, and why he's #1, and maybe the best ever.

But, Roddick should also be commended for a good match and a great two weeks.

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