18 Grand Slams! Do you think any women tennis player would ever be able to beat Martina Navartilova ?


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Steffi Graf did win 22 grand slam titles, so your question is actually answered before u even asked it. I believe Serena will pass 18 but not 22.

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Only with a whip and chain

18 Grand Slams! Do you think any women tennis player would ever be able to beat Martina Navartilova ?


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Yes!Somebody has to be better then her when she retires.

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maybe sharapova w'd be able to do that as she's still quite young.

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No I did think Serena would but she really doesn't compete anymore

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...Steffi Graf actually did... She's got 22.

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Steffi Graf came close. I believe 13 or 14 slams(not sure). I doubt if any of the WTA players we have now could do it. They are in it for the money and fame. Martina was for the game and a dedicted tennis player.

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to mulato, graf has 22 grand slam single titles ^^ (if i'm not wrong)

my opinion: maybe henin can do it.

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even as passionate and determined as Justine henin is, i doubt her or anyone else will accomplish as many slams as martina Navrotolova. For various reasons, one being the competion is just so much more demanding then it was compared to the past, the womens draw is increasing every year with more better players, secondly the power in tennis is alot greater then during Martina's days. So having said all that i am leaning still to No

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In singles, it's been passed by Steffi Graf with 22 and Margaret Court with 24 (technically, since Court came first, Martina never had the record). Overall, including singles and doubles, she has 58 titles, which is less than Margaret Court, who had 62.

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