Is head a good tennis raquet brand?

Whats the best? Prince? Wilson? Babolat? Head?


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Head is a great brand. However Wislon is terrible, break easily and are sub-standard for control. you can get control, with just as much if not more power from the prince 03 range they have power without control. I used to use a babolat pure drive, which i used to find the best, although I now use head flexpoint radical midplus, prince is also a great brand.

NK is completely, absolutely wrong. professionals use many different brands, good and bad. head and prince can be used for all levels of skill.

I would reccomend the following brands: Prince, head, babolat, fischer, dunlop and possibly volkl, maybe power angle.
Stay away from: Prokennex, wilson, w line, avery, gamma, technifibre and yonex.they are either sub-standard for hitting with, and wilsons are not only sub-standard but brake easily.

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Wilson I'll say!!

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If you look at the players that are winning the grand slams and big tournaments, most of them use Wilison. Wilson is so far ahead of other racquet brands that it's scary. The technology and science put into their racquet making is phenomenal. I'd go to their website and check out what they've got to offer, but as a loyal customer of theirs, I would have to say that i've gotten much better, and their racquets have had a big part in that.

***Wilsons don't break easily whatsoever. I still own every wilson i've ever bought and none of them are broken. The only reason I don't use them anymore is because the technology has increased and so i've moved on to a newer racquet. Do not believe that they are easily broken. It's a flat out lie***

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Well, Head is good for beginners and medium-level players i.e. before the game is set.Prince is the same. They have rackets which are a mix of control and power and have a large sweet-spot.
Once the game gets free and set, one should use a racket suited to his or her playing style.
eg. people with a long loopy backswing should use Flexpoint while those with a shorter one should try n-Code.
Babolet rackets are also cool.

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I'm currently using Prince, and it's been working great for me.

I hit with a Wilson, and I hit some pretty sweet shots, my next racquet will probably be either a Prince or a Wilson.

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yes Head is good for control I don't know if flexpoint is really as good for control as they advertize but I have a Wilson and Head, I am a wilson addict but head is good specially for starters and novice

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i have a head liquidmetal 8 and it is GREAT
i own wilsons, prince, slazengers and babolats
but none is good as the head
its my favourite reaquet


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Head and Prince is better because because they add some technology in the racquet. Like for HEAD it's Flexpoint, Mettalix and Airflow While Pince have O3 ports.

For Wilson they just add something. their new racquet the K Factor is just like the Previous Racquet of Federer they just put some design check If you saw the Previous Racquet of the Williams Sister the N4 and N3 it's the same with the racquet they use after that the WLine they just add some spiced and design on it. But now i think Serena is using an Experimental Racquet

For Babolat i think they are better than Wilson because they have a new technology. Take a look at the Aeroblast Racquet it has a Good Grip it's called Smart Grip it's a nice one

By the way i previously use Babolat the one use by Roddick now i'm using Flexpoint the one used by Andre Agassi

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heres how it goes...wilson is the players serves and volleys great...and has a great feel on the groundstrokes...Head is more of a baseliners racquet...but it is not a good choice for a western forehand because head has an extra wide handle making it tuff to babolot seems to be a favorite of westerners becasue it packs a great punch and it also makes ur serve fell great...but it can get unstable and not feel solid...prince are solid basebline raquets meant for a steadsy game...its a much more preferred racquwet by wopman...for its lack of feel when serving and volleying..

But i gotta say..who cares about new technology...i play with the wilson prostaff whcih i think feels and hits better then anything excpet maybe these new k factors...all the wilsons the prostaffs ncodes and k factors are players racquets becasue they feel great from every spot on the court...and thats all that matters

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