Anyone else not agree with equal pay in Grand Slams?

I’m all for equal rights between men and women but I don’t agree with equal pay in Grand Slams. My reasoning for this is that the men play more sets. If women want equal pay, they should play best of 5 sets and not this 3 set crap. The men go bust their balls for 3-4 hours and women go out for about 2 hours and get the same pay... not right.


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Very objective analysis of one aspect of 'equality' in pay rates between the sexes. From one MCP to another, they ain't equal (Thank G-d). Women are better in some ways and not as good in others. If women want equal pay for a truly equal work load and output expectations I am all for it, if they want the same pay for less work or effort or need employment standards 'adjusted' to get the jobs in the first place, then I am absolutely against it.

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I love woman's tennis, but I agree. If you play more, you get paid more, besides, I would enjoy watching the women play best of 5 sets.

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they men are bringing in the money for these tournements what the girls should be allowed to tap of that money? ...i agree ...but u have to look at this from a diffrent point of view. and who gets most of the commericial deals..THEM hot RUSSIANS girls thats who!

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I do agree in some ways, but this topic does carry disagreements as well. This means the men have been degraded as they are working more for the same pay as the women now. Equal pay and equal rights just creates another inequality. Also, people say that the women have the commercial aspect, but sorry, posing for photos on the beach is separate and away from the tennis centers and courts.

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yeah i agree, but your'e about 1+month late on this debate. so cram it!

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I am not 4 equal pay ! Does women play 5 setters ? Does the hard work that a male player equals the hard work of a female ? Are female tennis players are as competetive against each other as men are ?
In women, the point is won in two strocks, while in men they keep at each other for 20 or more strocks to win a point. Women match ends in no sweat & in an average of 80 minutes, while men double that time.
So you tell me, it fair to get egual pay ?
Even Billie Jeane Kind agreed that it is not fair , but society has to treat women equal to men.

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What u r saying is true because women do play one less set than men. Also, men are to be the stronger ones and deserve more than women cuz they worked harder.

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