About maria sharapova and anna kournikova?

who do you like better? anna or maria? who do you think is better in tennis and who do you think has the greater look?


Who is the greatest tennis player?

Maria, because she is more focused on the sport than outside interests. Anna, for all her talent, never had the mental capacity to win even one tournament at the pro level. She could have built up her confidence by playing the satellite events and Challenger series tournaments (the minor leagues of pro tennis), and winning a few of those, because it is unlikely any player in those events could compete with her. Anna had plenty of potential as a future tennis star. Remember, she was a 16 year old semifinalist at Wimbledon. However, Enrique Iglesias, fat endorsement contracts, not to mention her celebrity status were too much for her. Maria was very close to being the #1 player in the world, and she has won Wimbledon and the U.S. Open already. There is hope she can win the French and Australian Opens in her career. I think Anna is pretty much done as a player. It's obvious
Maria is the better tennis player. Anna might be the betterlooking of the two since I'm assuming she gets more money than Maria for endorsement contracts, but Maria is very attractive also. The
difference is Maria didn't let her life outside of her pro tennis career distract her to the point where it adversely affected her
results, Anna did.

Making varsity?

Anna Kournikova is hotter but Sharapova is a better player.

Whay do you think Federer struggled to win with Stepanek at the Kooyong Classic?

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sharapova is a better player, but Anna is hotter and a lot nicer than shriekapova!

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Shreikopova!! How bout not? She is a good player, and she is just very focused on her tennis, which is more important than showing off your body, like miss kournikova, who couldn't play tennis for anything!!

What's the difference between normal rackets and wilson N-code rackets?

right on!!

Salam khobi?

Anna never won even 1 title, not one grand slam title or any other title for that matter. Sure, she won a couple of doubles titles, but since she was playing with Martina Hingis it was pretty much impossible not to win a title...

Anna and Maria are both pretty/hot, but in that department they both get their *** kicked by Maria Kirilenko, Ana Ivanovic and Nicole Vaidisova...

Why is Lawn tennis given more importance compared to Table tennis?

i like sharapova better even though she is an arrogant and rude woman from what i know.thats because at least she can play which kournikova certainly cant.even looks wise i think sharapova is better.atleast she is playing good tennis(dont like her grunts though) while kournikova is only seen kissing enrique in his videos.

Is there a limit to how long a game of tennis can go on for?

maria in both

Who is currently the hottest looking female tennis player?

sharapova is a much better player...but when it comes to looks kournikova much hotter

What Wimbledon champion said, "The thrill of victory lasts about 15 minutes."?

Sharapova is the better player no contest. Kounukova is sexier , by not as great of a margin as their tennis games are.

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Sharapova is hotter

Want to play tennis but have unsupportive parents?

sharapova is hotter and better player.

Who is the hottest female tennis star?

K is better looking (tho she has gotten too thin recently) but Maria can actually play tennis

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