Am just curious, why is it that Nadal keeps on pulling or scratching something on his butt every now and then?

Is this Nadal's mannerism ?


Which tennis player would you want in your hotel room?

wow, i thought i was the only person that noticed that... lol well probably a habit.. like when sharapova serves! (4 hops while bouncing the ball, tucks her hair behing her ears, and bonces the ball with hands 2 times)

How to beat someone who dinks the ball in tennis,?

Acute pin worm problem.

Ha ha!! just joking!! Well, he has got this habit and no one can do anything about it..maybe he wears loose pants / underwear or something.

Which is the most sexiest part of sania mirza?

Nadal is... Nadal. He is a kid. Still has alot to learn more like to ACT like a pro tennis player. The fist pumps on opponents unforced error, the bottles, the socks,...

What type of tennis racket do you have? What kind would you want? Why? What is your favorite shot to hit?

Ask his doctor.

What's the best shot to use?

Hidden ball?

What is Amelie Mauresmo's tattoo?

It is part of his routine. Also the type of shorts he wears on the court look rather tight so i can see why he does that.

The youngest and oldest age for ball runners in the US Open?

No...he does it to attarct female's attention on that SUPERB butt

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