What is the origin of the Tennis score system. For example "15 Love"?


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Nice question to a person who is onto the game. Here is what I found:
The origins of the fifteen, thirty, forty scores are believed to have medieval and French roots. It is possible a clock face was used on court, with a quarter move of the hand to indicate a score of fifteen, thirty, and forty-five. When the hand moved to sixty, the game was over. The origin of the use of "love" for zero is disputed; it is possible that it derives from the French word for an egg (l‘oeuf) because an egg looks like the number zero. "Love" is also said to possibly derive from "l'heure" or "the hour" in French.

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Love is french from Leuf which means Egg. I hear that the score is based on the degrees of a circle. The amount of points total to win a match totals to 360

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which proves that they cannot count..thank you.

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