Are my strings too loose?

I play with a liquid metal instinct, and my strings are perfect control i think made by head. Well I have not broken my strings yet for over a year. I dont know if my strings are too loose. Well in some instances, when i hit the ball on the outside strings they move and the stings look messy, is that a sign of loose strings? Should I just cut my strings and get new ones?


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First of all, strings are your preference. If you prefer they remain loose, then so be it.

Here at Tennis Nation we always start with the general rule of thumb - the number of times you play a week is the number of times you should string your racquet in a year. Example: If you play 3 times each week, you should restring 3 times each year. Of course this concept varies from player to player due to playing styles, levels, etc. Some strings will break sooner or last longer than others.

If you don't like the fact that your strings move around, there are strings out there that do not move on the stringbed. Try what's called a poly string. Some brands include Luxilon ALU Big Banger and Kirschbaum Supersmash Spiky/Supersmash. They won't move on your stringbed. However, they ARE stiff strings which can cause some discomfort to your arm if you have any arm problems such as tennis elbow.

Here are a couple more aspects as to why you might want to restring:
-Resiliency. This, too, helps with comfort and arm problems. When your strings have that "dead" feel, your arm has to do more of the work!
-Holding tension. Over time, the stringbed on your racquet loses tension. So if you had a preferred tension, there's a good possibility that it has gone down over the past year!

These are only a few suggestions, so check out your local tennis specialty shop to check out the latest products!

Good luck!

-Your pals at Brad Gilbert Tennis Nation

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I have the same problem. I have the same raquet too. I would restring it. Thats what I did and it makes a BIG diffence.

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Your strings are loose if they move around like that. I would recommend getting your racket re-stringed, especially if you bought the racket pre-stringed.

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You can restring it at a higher tension. If they move that much, you're strings are just too loose. Mine are strung at 62 and they dont move too often...But remember, the higher the tension, the less power and more control you will get...

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O.K. Yeah, it's been a year and they move when you hit the ball... YES YOU SHOULD GET NEW STRINGS...and some common sense!

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it is a little loose but u can still play with it

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yes they are all symptoms suggesting that your strings are too loose. however some players like to have their strings loose. if you are finding that the ball flies into the back fence too often, and you can't get enough control on the ball then you should get your racquet restrung.

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