After I play tennis, my wrist is a little sore. Is there a wrap or a support I can use while I play?

There are still areas of my swing that I need to tweak. However, my question is just in regards to wrist wraps or supports that I can use while I play tennis. Is there anything made specifically for it?


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u might need to change the way ur holding the grip and change the way ur hitting

use the wristbands in cvs...walgreens. etc
and stop hiting for a week
let the swelling and pain to ease off a bit
then try other swinging and hitting styles

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Its kind of odd your wrist hurts, I always had sore elbows and shin splints.

Help please!!?

There are special wrist to play tennis, but the ideal thing is to know how to Bendage itself well
GOOD LUCK¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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alot of novice player only use thier wrists to hit the ball rather than move thier whole body. maybe ur only using ur wrist u have to put ur whole body into it so its not only affecting ur wrist

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wrist bands

Any roger federer hater here?

i think there is. i saw one in a sports shop. try to do warm ups first before playing

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