Anybody use the hyopercarbon rackets from wilson?

i use a hyper hammer 5.3 ...its oversized and extremely light but one thing...dont be rough with it u will hear little pieces of it moving around insidfe the frame.I dropped mine from like maybe 3 feet up and it sounded like a maraca cause of little pieces of graphite breaking off.DOnt worry tho,take the bottom cap off and u can release the chunks lol i learned that after taking my first one back and same thing happened on new one.


I've noticed people who fold their arms and they have a smirk on their face. Noticed it too?

I used to use the ProStaff 5.0 hyercarbon. Awesome racquet!! Miss it. I have now swiched to Hyper Hammer 5.3, but the 95 sq in head instead of oversize. I went light to take it easy on my shoulder. And I agree with you. Carbon is supposed to be very strong, but I believe these hyper carbons can crack pretty easy. And good tip ;-)

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