Anyone tried the Prince o3 tennis raquet?

Question:I want to upgrade mine to that 1.

If you have tried it/have it or know about it, could you give me some advice please?

What kind of raquet is it? What kind of shots do u find r good wif it. What makes it worth buying? Do you think its a fantastic rauquet worth buying or one that will be easily out-modelled in a few yrs.

ive had my Glance force 3 prince raquet for around 4 yrs now and the strings r getting loose. I have played for around 3-4 yrs on and off. My stroke is aggressive --esp. my serve.

Do you think i should get the new o3 raquet or stick wif my old one and get it re-stringed???

i have no idea if my money will be worth it or not. I need some consumer/raquet advice.


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I used a Prince o3 for a couple of years and it sounds like the right racket for you. I find it best for strong goundstrokes (especially big forehands) and I can put some pretty heavy topspin on the ball with it. It's pretty good for serves and keeps it agressive. You have to be a little careful with the volleys though because it doesn't have too much control there.

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Very spin friendly, very maneuverable and very comfortable, this impressive racquet will appeal to a variety of player types from the 3.0 to 5.5 level. Length: 27.25. Headsize: 105sq. inches. String pattern: 16/19.

Here is a site with allof these raquets and good stuff:

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