Any good tennis racquet overgrips that you can recommend for me?

Any good tennis racquet overgrips that you can recommend for me? I have a Prince overgrip. Extremely soft and tacky which I love. But was wondering what overgrips you guys used? And any real good ones you can recommend? Thanks


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yonex super-grap <(HELLA nice grip for HELLA nice price)
Wilson pro overgrip
Head Control
Prince Duratac
Unique Tournagrip (its the funny blue color one)
Babolat Pro Team
They're all decent and it really depends on you
but Tournagrip and super-grap are always good choices

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Yonex Super-Grap and Wilson Pro Overwrap are the two I like. They are fairly tacky, but also absorb perspiration. I also find they hold up better then most.

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I have a prince racquet and used their overgrips too, until I started using Tournagrip. I love those grips. Soft and comfortable too. It absorbs the sweat really well and is not sticky like a lot of overgrips for the fist day or two.
I can't say if you'll like it or not, but please try it. Everyone who uses it where I play tennis at loves it!
Good luck finding the right one!

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I used to use Wilson over grips but cannot remember which ones exactly, they were really good though.

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Good grips are the ones that are sold at tennis clubs. THere is a new style that are sold . They just slide over your grip.

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To complement the extremely soft and tacky tennis grip, I would recomend the Wilson Overgrip. I belive that should satisfy your needs for the tacky feeling, but my personal favorite is Tourna Grip. To me this grip feels as if nothing is on my hand but the durablity is low compared to other tacky grips!

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I like the yonex supergrap, comes in tons of color moderatly tacky and moderatly soft, really just a basic overgrip but i can't stand any other overgrip

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