3 questions between ranking and race in tennis?

Question:what is the difference between them?
which one is used to determine the 8 players in the end of year tournament?
and what are the current standings of the women's race(not rankings)


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race starts at the beginning of every year. ranking carries through points from last year, and only replaces them when the tournamnet that you got the poinnts from had been played again the next year. Whereas everyone starts on 0 points at the beginning of the year in race.
If you think about it, they are both the same at the end of the year, the time at which they are picking the top 8 players for the season-ending tournament.

womens race, follow the link to this page http://www.sonyericssonwtatour.com/2/ran...

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the ranking is points for the previous 12 months,

the race is for the calendar year starting Jan. 1.

The race is used to determine who qualifies for the year end championship (YEC). At that point the only difference between ranking points and race points are the points from the last years' YEC.

here's the current race standings:

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