Angles in tennis?

what angles can you use in tennis? for any shot?


Change Court?

You can hit the ball in almost any direction from one side, it all depends on the strike point of the ball...

Hitting the ball behind the body will mostly take a diagonal to the side where your racket is at.

Hitting the ball before the body will mostly go any direction (front, cross, middle)

Hitting the ball next to the body, will mostly go straight, unless you can get a lot of grip on the ball.

Also if you can play with topspin, you should be able to play at angle you want too, this you need to adjust/learn when playing.

Using against other shots:

If you are playing a typical hard hitter, I would advise to play very close to the lines and keeping it mixed up, so they don't have a real chance to take control. [Hard - long shots]

If you are playing a typical clay player, I would advise to play with a huge variety, or with a lot of fast topspin shots, and keeping the pace high, so they will get problems or get confused with their own game. [Slice - effect shots]

If you are playing a defensive player, I would only advise to stay calm and be agressive whenever you have the opportunity. [Medium hard - long shots]

If you are playing an agressive player, I would advise to keep stepping up to the net, making sure your oppenent won't tear you down very easily.

If you are playing an all around player, I would advise to just mix it up also... [Pace - well placed]

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The wider you are moved to one side the more angle you can create with your own shot and your opponent has to play that so sometimes it is good to rip one down the line, the downside is that if they get to it the chances are you are going to do some serious running on his or her ball. The slice serve is a good way to angle your opponent off the court at the start, at net if you have to move left or right a bit it usually creates an angle cross court. Overhead most people play the cross court so it is a good time to hit one inside out. When the ball is hit down the middle use your wrist to roll over the ball a bit more then usual to create more of an angle. Remember however and you probably already know this that most errors are made when you change the direction of your opponents shot. TC messtograves

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