What kind of grass do they use in wimbledon? is there a specific kind of grass?


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All the courts in Wimbledon use pure 100% RYEGRASS (don't donfuse it with rye the crop). The grass needs to be cut exactly to 8mm height. This makes it necessary to have year round maintenance for the lawn at the courts.

There are some people who have been suggesting to change the wimbledon to hard surface as many top players don't like it, but I'm thinking the grass is here to stay.

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I don't think tennis players smoke a lot pot, but I guess it would make the game more interesting!

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The nineteen courts used for Wimbledon are all composed purely of rye grass. The speed and the low bounce of grass courts favours serve and volley players.

I see someone has answered the question already. =) Oh well, I hope that helps.

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