Andrew murray?

he supported any team that played england in the football world cup so i will support anyone who plays against that bigot.


My racquet head is scratched up. What scratch removers can I use to treat this, and where can I find them?

As a Scot and a football fan I went to Berlin for the world cup. I wore my kilt with pride and met hundreds of fans from dozens of countries - everyone was friendly and delighted to see us, except the english - they were just plain rude, loud, drunk and aggressive. The only trouble we encountered was with English "fans". Is it any wonder the whole world hates the English??

Any tips on how to serve (tennis) better?

he is not a bigot. just did not like the manner of the english play.

Who has the best grunt on the tour ? men and women.?

Get a sense of humour---- ever heard of sporting rivalry? But I don't suppose he'll know or care who you support. It's only a game.

Irfan have any girlfriend?it is sania mirza or anotherone?did irfan check these comments?

He's scottish and they like to have friendly rivalry with England, don't get so angry about it.

Will Rafael Nadal win a Grand Slam title this year ?

How do you know if this is true, ? please give your source.

What female tennis player won Australian open in 1999?

I was just about to put that on here but i had a violation warning las night for answering a perfectly simple question, About which race of people are the most racist, all i said was Scotsmen as I honestly think that ! They hate us English and show it at every occasion I will probably get one for this but I dont see why! and no I will not be supporting Murray And dont forget what Billy Connolly did in helping to get Ken Biggly's head cut off

If my opponent hits the ball and it bounces of the net and comes over to my court is it in?

same here!! scotland sucks!!

How to be a good tennis player?

It was a tongue in cheek comment, anyone with a sense of humour would have known that!
Do you know what a sense of humour is?

Do you think that Roger Federer's Hamburg win was a fluke?

it was a joke numpty

Is this okay to wear to the gym to run/workout and to tennis?

It was just a joke! OK, it wasn't the most sensible thing to say, but he's a 19-year old kid with little media experience... cut him some slack!

I am unable to land on the Serena Williams web site,used to,not sure if its still in use?

hes actually a scot so they are on more or less good terms, hes a good player, i dont know what you have against him. Oh and you have very colorful language

Tennis Racquets?

Eww! I hate andy Murray! Eww!

What is the sequence of 4 grand slam events?

just because he's better than Henman,scotland has got murray and england has Henman so get over it...

About tennis court. Who know size but I need International Standart. Thank's a lot of your answer?

He later admitted that it was a joke and said that actually it would be good for Britain if England won the World Cup.

He is always being told to be a little bit more humourous in his interviews since he admitted to having "the most boring voice in Britain" (his words), and so he tried a bit of sarcasm not bigotry! ;o]

PS: England and Scotland have traded this kind of banter since time immemorial.

What are some good tennis books?

my thoughts exactly...what an own goal that bigot scored for his future career!

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