101 excuses for not cleaning your room?


Which indian tennis player is well known abroad?

1. I will do it later or tomorrow
2. I have to go out
3. I do not feel like it
4. I am tired
5. I have to study
6. My friends asked me to go to a party
7. It is boring to clean
8. I hate cleaning..

And many more :)))

Which of the following young female tennis players do you think will cause the biggest upsets this year?

It's on fire.

Don't you people just love daniela hantuchova?

You can't find anything after it's cleaned!

I hit my serve with a forehand grip so how do i..?

i don't feel well.
too much homework

Does anyone here think that Sania's 4th round appearance at last year's Open is a fluke?Why?

your sick
you have a book report
you have to do homework
you have to take a bath
you have to cook dinner

Has Hyderabad become the new sports hub in producing champions?

I'm sure the cleaning lady will do it if I don't.

Where (in internet) can i get tennis videos for free?

The dog ate it.

What round in this 2007 French Open do you think Maria Sharapova will make it to?

MESSY !?!?
I can still see the bed and ceiling !

Anyone have a babolat tennis rakect?

There are 101 dalmations in my freaking room! GET THEM OUT! GET THEM OUUUUUUUTTT! It's only 10'x8' and they are crushing each other and the blood is everywhere!! GET THEM OUT!

One on one!?

It's only going to get messy again.

Since whoever told you to do it is such an expert they can tidy it.

Do you like Mario Ancic? what you think abut him ?

what about 101 benefits from a clean room

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