Andy roddick?

does andy roddick have a girlfriend at the moment?


Wimbeldon champion?

I'm not sure, but Andy and Maria have denied they were dating
each other.

Andy Roddick: I'm Not Dating Maria
Great romances between beautiful and successful tennis players will always keep the headlines of every sports & gossip magazine. It started out with Aggasi marrying Graff, continued with Hewitt dating Clijsters and might still go on in the near future.

Whether Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova are dating or not, we don’t know for a fact. They say they aren’t but the gossip columnists think otherwise. And now, since they’re both playing at Flushing Meadows and happened to meet a few
times, people started to talk.
Still, the two champions deny their alleged relationship, saying that they’re only great friends and nothing more. The first to put an end to all these allegations was Roddick himself, after his 2nd round win over Danemark’s Kristian Pless.

“We're not dating. I've said it a million times already, but you guys refuse to write it. You know, we're friendly. We're in the same places. I think she's a great girl. You know, we'll talk. That's about it. It's a little bit of a stretch when we both travel. She's actually busier than I am. That's a little bit of a stretch. But, you know, I think she's great. I can't say enough nice things about her”, said A-Rod.

The Russian beauty also denied the rumors, telling the media that her personal life should not be disturbed. She also explained why those rumors started out in the first place: “When two tennis players know each other and are friends, and are known around the world, there's people that are gonna talk. That's exactly what's happening”.

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He used to date mandy moore, then there were rumors about him dating Sharapova, and now who knows? I think he's probably focusing on defeating Federer but he has to watch out cos he almost lost in the first round of the Oz open.

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no andy roddick is gay

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yes most probably sharapova is his girlfriend and he was also spotted snuggling up to paris hilton a few months back(eww!)

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i hear he might be messin with my girl maria but i'll put a stop to that*

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no one. maria probably dumps him.

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I hope he focuses on his tennis the next two weeks - and then he can have a girlfriend again!

Andy and Mandy were a cute couple though.

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Hi Tasha! Roddick used to date Mandy Moore, but now rumors are flying about that he's dating Maria Sharapova.

Of course , both of 'em have denied it , you know , that age old line 'We're just good friends!'

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No. and if qadir was right than you can send him my way.

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No, he doesn't. The tabloids claimed that Maria Sharapova and Andy Roddick were dating but Andy denied this. A friend said that they were some time a couple. Andy once dated MAndy Moore but spilt because he couldn't handle the pressure and yes, he did hook up with Paris Hilton. YUCK!

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