17-15 in the fifth set..how??

in some matches like the davis cup match between roddick and tursnov the score of the fifth set was something like 17-15 and in the aussie open semis 2005 safin against federer also but how is that possible cos u have a tiebreak when it is 6-6.can anyone explain??


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Most tournaments employ a tie-break when game score is 6-6 in any set. There are a few tournaments, namely the AUS open, French open, Wimbledon, Davis Cup that doesn't have a fifth set tie-breaker.

This means that a tie-break can be used to decide the set in Sets 1-4 but if the match goes to 5th and score is 6-6, you cannot play a tie-break but must instead play on until a player wins by two games!
Thus scores can go up to 17-19, 18-20.
In those cases, it's like playing 7 sets of tennis!

GET THIS!: before the tie break was invented, every set must be played until player wins by 2 or more games after reaching 6! so a score can be such: 6-4, 8-10, 5-7, 8-6, 11-9

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During a tie-break you have to win by two pionts, minumum of 7. So it wasn't until that piont (17 pionts) that they open a two piont advantage.

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there is no 5th set cap, you have to win by 2. so it could go all the way to 100 depending on the doggedness of the players.

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there are no tiebreaks in 5th set. you play games instead of a tie break. like 8,6 or 9,7 but not points, games.

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There were no tie-breaks in the 5th set, so the winner had to win by 2 games, hence 17-15 etc. There was a grand slam match in the junior division a couple of years ago where one of the junior players defeated his opponent 50-48 in the decider.

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In some of the major tennis tournaments the fifth cannot be decided by a tie-breaker like the other sets where the final score after the tie-break is 7-6
The rules of the tie-break at the ends of sets 1-4 are:
The winner is the first to get to 7 or more leading by at least 2 points.
\This hapeens at the end of sets 1-4 but in the 5th set if scores are locked at 6-6 the 2 players continue to play games until one of the players is leading by 2 games or if the other player happens to retire

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Like at the Australian Open, on the fifth set they don't play a tiebreak at 6-6. Instead they have to play it out until someone wins by 2 games. It could be 20-18 or something like that on the fifth set.

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