AM i too old to play tennis?

I am 19 and i am just starting at tennis.i don't know a lot about the game but if i pick up the game well and start playing really well,Can i compete in professional tournaments and may be make it big ?


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why not."to old" is a subjective term. you are only as "old" as you feel..go for it and I hope to be watching you play one day!

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Believe in yourself.

You can do it.

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Think it yourself! But you're not too old. As you are 19, you might be stronger than the others.

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Of course you're not too old. It'd be easier if you'd started sooner but still, you can do it.
Good luck! :)

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Your over the hill

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Never say never. To have any realistic chance however, you will need to entirely commit your life for the next 6 or so years to learning, understanding and mastering the game. You will need to eat, breathe and dream tennis. No time for boy/girlfriends, social life, holidays, etc. And you need to accept that there will be many obstacles in your way: financial, nay-sayers, injuries. Basically, if you have the self-discipline and the commitment; and if you can accept that there are never any garantees, then go for it!

But, before you do all of that, ask yourself this: there are 1000 men and 1000 women on the world rankings, each of which started playing when they were much younger than yourself; and only a few of them will make a descent living out of tennis: what makes you unique and special enough to defy the odds?

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your avatar looks like ur 36

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Sorry, but I think ypu are too old. I have play tennis from 9 years old and it was too late to be a proffesional player. But you can play to enjoy yorself. Try maybe you will be the best. I wish you good luck!

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It's too late! You'll NEVER make it big if you just started playing at age 19. It takes at least 10 years to develop your skills for the elite level. Now a days, being a 29-year-old on the Professional Circuit is unheard of. I don't want to burst your bubble, but dreams of playing at Wimbledon or on the red clay at the French Open isn't realistic.
It's not too late to be competitive. There are a lot of tournaments for all ages in every country around the world. And it can be very competitive. But aspirations of making it BIG is a huge long shot.
But tennis is a great game and it's NEVER too late to start, whether you're 19 or 91. It's a game for everyone. Go out and enjoy the courts and have fun.
Good luck.

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Becoming a pro tennis player is VERY hard, but if you are athletic enough you can make it.

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yes but you have to work realy hard. play 35 hours a week for 10 years and you could be at the least better then aggise (36 top ten!)also do alot of privat tennis lesons and play with people a lot better then you. also you have to eat good and do 30 min of yoga and 45 minutes of fitnes. also enter chalanders in a year GOOd LUCK and have fun. ps mental is 80 precent of tennnis dont yell on the court.

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19 is not bad.U can still make it.Only if u are a talented to play tennis.If u are realy good u can play senior professional tournaments.For example with NADAL,..

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19 is definately not too young to start playing tennis. I know many players that started much later in life when they first picked up the game. However if you are thinking of becoming a professional, you will in all likelihood need to rethink your career choice. Professional players have started since age 6 through 8 in most cases and are tremondous athletes. It is unlikely that anyone accept a world class athlete would have a chance to become a professional tennis player at age 19 without having played before. Even then they probably would not be ready until about age 24 or 25 and that is by playing 5 days a week and training with a great coach.

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hech no

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