Are both the WTA and the news media turning a blind eye to the blatant cheating of Sharapova and her father?

Maria and her father have been caught exchanging hand signals as Maria plays on the court. Just about every one knows what's happening. When questioned, she deflates, rather than answer the questions. Fines of $2,000, will not stop this as she could potentially win a grand slam and earn a million dollars. For such a public, darling of the media, she is not setting a good example for children.


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they are turning a blind eye, because she has one of the biggest profiles in the game, just like Nadal's stalling they let her get away with it because she's high up. fines of $2 000 AUD will not effect her because she gets sooooo much money just from sponsorships. I guess that they don't want to effect the person's life to much, besides which it would be difficult to justify fines much bigger than that, for something which is not a huge offence. I do not believe that she is setting a bad example for children through this. However her screaming should see her defaulted in some touraments, that is blatant cheating! she even screams after she has hit the ball! now that is a bad example to children.

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The WTA has noticed... and to solve it... they are soon going to allow on-court coaching. Michael Joyce is now "officialy" her coach, because she is trying to legalize her dealings with father Yuri...

Definitely, these fines will not do A THING for Sharapova, who is making millions off endorsements alone... let alone her millions in tennis earnings.

The one thing I disagree with is the not setting a good example for children part. By the time any kids would be old enough to go pro, coaching will have been legalized. The fact that she is breaking a rule is semi-detrimental, but most children do not know enough about tennis to realize that coaching is illegal anyway.

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Yuri seems to care so much about Maria's success and I think this makes him so passionate and slightly controlling on the tennis court. I agree that the on court coaching is a blatant infraction of the existing rules of professional tennis for most tennis tournaments, but I also do not judge Yuri or Maria for these infractions. Look at their story: Yuri had very little money but risked his own life and happiness to take his young daughter the the US to become a professional tennis player, leaving Mom at home for 2 or so years. Life was probably hard for them for a while. I assume Yuri probably still has that tough mentality, and he's willing to do almost anything to make sure Maria succeeds. I think Maria just goes along with it because he's her Father. Also, I don't think any amount of coaching-legal or illegal- during the US Open Final would have really helped Maria beat Justine. Justine is no pushover-she's a great talent and fighter. Maria's tennis beat Justine that night, and rather easily.

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it is not really that its so much blatant rather its more of a perk for not just being good but also very pleasant on the eyes. maria brings sex appeal plus talent so the rules change or bend a little shes good for the wta now if she would just do a playboy layout or hustler im not picky just do some damn nudity already.i guess it could be worse at least she knows shes hot some of the women on tour must not own any mirrors in there homes if your unpleasant looking dress down dont be like the silverback sisters who for some reason think there attractive please someone tell me why they wear those moronic outfits.

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I think that they should start imposing game
penalties for violations.

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well,we all know there's alot of sportsmanship going on. whether it be the illegal coaching,the fake bathroom breaks,injury time-outs etc. it happens. luckily,the chair was observant enough that she caught what happened. and sharapova isn't the only one.Henin and her coach Rodriguez has countlessly been warned/fined for illegal coaching in the stands. and like it was said,the WTA is experimenting with on-court coahcing at a few of the tier 1 and lesser tourney's in the wake of it all. they want to see how it will cut down on the coaching from the stands.

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