Anyone think Serena will get back ontop again?

I think Serena has it in here if she trains what about yall


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i think she definitely can,but it"s all up to her.
Her talent and come-back strength has never been in doubt,however if she is hungry enough to be called the greatest the sport has everknown. dont rule her out.
remember when pundits used to doubt whether the Williams sister's had it them?well the rest is history...dont jump into the moldy books of history.

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I wouldn't mind her getting on top.

Can someone tell me if there has ever been a female tennis player like Serena Williams?

may b

Who is stronger: Serena Williams or Lance Armstrong?

Only if she trains harder

What is the name of the sport that you play that is like tennis?

No i don't think she will. she is overrated

If you had the chance?

I think it's twilight for Serena now. She was good while she was at it but injuries and age have had their tolls on her. Now, teenagers have taken over. I think she had better concentrate on fashion and acting.

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Serena will never make it back to the top of professional tennis. She is currently ranked 107 in the world. Have you seen her lately? She has gained lots of weight and is completely out of shape. Some say she will not even play again this year. She is too much into other activities. Has nothing to do with up and coming teenagers. Tennis appears not to be her passion anymore...just like her sister.

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Fame just got to her head and she forgot to play tennis. Too much being in the spotlight.

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She could, but she wont. She has lost the mental hunger for the win.
She's had her successes, now she can afford to follow her other dreams.

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no, there lots other good players over there who r gonna kick her butt

How many times maria sharapova won grand slam?

Serena will be back. She has the fitness and the agressiveness to get back to #1. She needs to focus on the mental aspect of the game for her to dominate again.

Can you really do tricks in tennis like the twist serve, drive b, drive A and more?

I think that if she trains really hard, I think that she can win. She just has to learn what the newer tennis players strategy's are so that she knows how to counteract them.

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It's going to be tough. She's had injuries, her fitness has declined, and she has too many outside interests. The lucrative sponsorship deals have probably made her less hungry too.
The other top players have picked it up a notch as well. The power that made her so dominant has become commonplace on the womens tour, and even the ones who don't hit hard have learned how to contend with power. So she will have to develop some new shots and add more finesse to her game.
Only time will tell, though.

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