Anyone like Robby Ginepre?

I think he has great potential. He did ok in early 2006, but fell behind again. What has happened to him? He needs support from all of us.


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I like Ginepri and he does have a lot of potential. However, he isn't consistent with his wins. It is like he is either playing really well or he is playing really bad. He is the type that can win a title one week beating some of the top players and the next week he'll lose to some guy ranked outside the top 100. I think he will get better in the next couple of years. I don't think, however, he can get to the very top and be considered one of the best along with the likes of Federer, Sampras, Agassi, Laver, Borg, etc. I see him being more like those generally believed to have proved themselves, but not the best, such as Moya, Chang, Todd Martin, etc. He'll be ok, MAYBE one grand slam in the far future, and a couple Master Series titles. I wish him the best, though. Always great to see an American tennis player do well.

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I'm a James Blake fan, sorry.

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Yeh i like Ginerpri and also believe he has got really good potential. However he struggles on the pro circuit because he doesnt train hard

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Yeah he's really good. My friend got his autograph. =] yeahhh pretty sweet huh?

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Dude this guy rocks! i love his clothes!

to be serious now. he can become a better tennis player as he's proven us in 2006.
indeed, he's been practicing very hard, weight lifting, a lot of running...
but how did he get this good? simple. he changes a few things in his game that made a huge difference:

he used to try to hit the ball as hard as roddick can. i know robby is capable of doing so, but playing this style of aggressive tennis didn't do him any good because he commited too many unforced errors.

so what did he do? this guy is fast and has a lot physical endurance. so he simply decided to play tennis percentage, keeping the ball in play with his good shot making and good court coverage with his quickness. byy doing so, he cut a lot of the unforced errors and only went for his shots when there was a opening.

Now that's smart!!

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I kind of like Robby exspecially when he is playing up against Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer he seems to do pretty good when competing against them.

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