A quick question about scoring that's been bothering me for a while...?

i've played tennis for 4 years now and i've always wondered why deuce didn't start at 30-30 rather than 40-40?... because its the same situation either way


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The reason is because the rules say in England that a game needs to have a least of 5 points to be consider a game with a difference of two points to consider the winner of that specific game.
It all goes back to the British

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you are absolutely right... i was going to say something else, but i thought about it and you are right.

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That is true, ive played tennis for years and ive never thought of that... interesting, you got me thinking

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no because after 40-40 is when it is game not 30-30 because you would need 1 more point.

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yeah because 30-30 can go to 30-40 and then if the person with 40 wins the serve, then its game.

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it's all about convention

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It does and it doesn't start at 30-30. It's not called deuce but a deuce situation exists. You must win the next 2 points to win the game (just like deuce). But if the new deuce started at 30-30, then the situation discussed above would start at 15-15.

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