Any opinions on why some of the things tennis teachers say make no sense and are nevertheless helpful?


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Personally, I'd prefer an instructor who could sensibly explain anything he is asking you to do, but sometimes that isn't always the case.
Sometimes the teacher's suggestion really is not sensible, but it could still work. For example, some tell you to "peel an onion" to hit a slice serve. This really doesn't make technical sense, but it may get you to move your racket head across the ball, which is required for a slice serve.
Or he may suggest that you need to jump to hit a serve, which again is not really correct. Your momentum carries you off the ground as you hit, but you don't jump and then hit. However, it could help to think about jumping if you hadn't been using your legs.
I also realized a long time ago that, in terms of strategy, an "incorrect" plan may be better than no plan at all. I.e., doing the wrong thing well can cause you to focus confidently on that strategy, causing you to do better than if you remained confused.
That's the best I can do. Good question.

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idk, my teacher never made much logic to me neither.

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because tennis like most finesse games are just based on muscle memory. you just need to get used to using certain muscles in very certain ways. What they say can only sort of walk you down that path. Most are pompous as*es as well and might as well be quoting pure aristotle and just show you how to swing the racket properly.

Don't you feel sorry for the British ? They are smart enough to invent tennis & other sports, but never good

For my coach it was a way of keeping me thinking about the different strategies and techniques of playing. For example he used different colors for different types of shots... made no sense really but eventually I learned where to hit certain shots and how to hit them in different cases. Just whatever works between the coach and the student.

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Although these are modern times, and you'd expect the world of tennis instruction to fully understand the scientific principles that underlie good tennis technique, tennis instruction is still in the Dark Ages.

Indeed, the world of tennis knows very little about proper technique, and still insists on perpetuating old cliches that only serve to confuse. Myths abound that, once and for all, need to be put to rest.

The real reason a tennis instructor's incorrect advice sometimes produces good results is purely due to the fact that some students are more coordinated than others, and they simply figure it out on their own.

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keep your eye on the ball. no keep your eye on they whole dam stroke

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