Are tennis string savers good?

do string savers directly impact tennis game


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String savers are used for Gut strings and also what is known as multifilament strings that will fray over time. The string savers reduce the "notching" commonly found in tennis from the saw like action the strings perform during the stiking of a tennis ball. Therefore by reducing this friction you can maintain longer string life of the more expensive strings that have greater feel due to their increased elasticity. This means the tennis player has better feedback on his ball strikes and thus can control his shots a little better based on "feel" of the shot.

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they reduce movement of the string, thus reduce the friction. They are useful for natural gut

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No, the savers really don't help your game. They do, however, help your strings. If you are using gut, string savers are a must. I would never use them for synthetic gut or a hybrid just because it's a hassle to put them in. If you do use them, focus the savers in your sweet spot. I've seen some players put the savers at every intersection, and that's just foolish.

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String Savers do add a little more life to your strings, but I personally don't feel they're worth the pain of dealing with them.

Indeed, String Savers are time consuming to insert, and they fall out all the time. Even with them installed, the string still moves, and wear is only minimally reduced.

The better solution is to switch to string that inherently lasts longer. Andre Agassi plays with string made by the Luxilon Company called Big Banger. I personally use this string and can attest to the fact that string life is tremendously longer.

But, of course, the big question is whether this string plays well. Well, Andre himself has stated that this string will add another 2-3 years to his professional career.

I've been playing with this string for quite some time now, and I can tell you that I've never had better-playing string. This string, however, is not for novices because it is very stiff.

Novices, who typically use their arm to produce power, will definitely dislike this string. However, accomplished players who use their bodies to produce power (and control) will love this string.

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