A fault caused by te server stepping ino the tennis court over the serice line.?


Why do some Australian Open Matches seem to require 3 wins and others only 2?

It's called a foot fault, and it may get called if you step ON or over the service line...if the line judge sees it. Not called very often.

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Foot Fault. yes.

Who is the number one mens tennis player in the world?

That's called a foot fault.

What is the tallest tennis player you have seen?

When you fault with your foot, it is obviously called a footfault. The judges usually call that after the first warning. First, you could loss the point then game and even whole matches. Whole matches hardly get called, but still if you footfault a lot... try cutting your foot off, hahaha. I'm just kidding... what you can do is make your foot stationary or step back a several inches.

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