Any suggestions for the treatment tennis elbow injury, and tennis technique tips to prevent reoccurance.?

I have not played for 6 months, and my elbow is feeling a lot better, although I am very nervous it will reoccur once I start playing again.


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the only true cure for any injury is rest so you did the right thing. to stop it from reoccurring you need to strengthen the muscles need the elbow, and you do that by doing wrist curls with weights. start with 10 pounds and gradually add more. and do a lot of repetition, about 50-100 sound do it.

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put a extra hand grip round the racquet so that your hand is not clenched, that should help after couple of weeks

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yes as the person before me said you must thicken up your grip. I had the same priblem abd every time i went to serve my elbow would ache, now after doing this though i do not need to treat it or put spray on it or wear a brace. It may be simple but it is very effective.

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Tennis elbow takes a long time to heal.
Make sure you don't change the grip size dramatically.
I had a friend who went from 4 3/8 grip to a larger size...I don't remember what it was now, but he ended up having to have surgery because of it.
Yes, the two above me are right, add an extra grip, to cushion it, but if that doesn't help or just makes it worse, take it off.
And start out slowely and gradually play a little more at a know?...don't just dive back into tennis head first...I learned that the hard way. But once I got rid of it, it didn't come back to be honest.
Hope it stays better!

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Buy an tennis elbow arm band. They go around the forearm and keep the muscles in the forearm from completely contracting which causes the pain in tennis elbow. Once you have some healing you should start strengthing your grip.

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