Doesn't Federer seem to just get better and better?

Wouldn't it be awesome to see him will the "Grand Slam" - all four majors in the same year?


What is tennis?

It is amazing. The guy is improving and he is already the best I have seen. He is handling the high balls to his backhand better then ever and I think he is moving better. Unlike Nadal who the players have figured out a way to beat him at least on all surfaces except clay(We will see) everyone is flattening out to the ball to Nadal, there is no game plan for Federer. Roddick was playing well coming into that match and had a good game plan . The problem was and is that Fed is so good he did not miss a passing shot. He also always seems to win the big points when he needs to, he does not seem to get nervous. He is just great. I used to think Sampras was the best , but I have changed my mind.
Gonzalez is another guy who keeps getting better and better I just saw him crush Haas who was playing well. Maybe Gonzalez cam make a match of it with the unreal forehand Gonzo is hitting, I doubt however Fed will give him that many forhands unless he hits those crazy cross court angles Fed can hit to open the court up.
The other thing that impresses me about Fed is that he is such a class act , just a good guy. Every player says it. I do not know if you saw Roddicks press conference after the match , if not try and find it. Maybe it is on YOUTUBE . It was classic. very funny.
Federer deserves every accolade he gets. Just a great player and I would not be surprised if he wins the Grand Slam this year, and that is saying a lot with all the great players out their today.

Which player will beat Federer next?

nah I wouldn't feel that great about it since I don't follow professional tennis.

What material is best for a tennis raquet?

Yes, but watch out, Rafael Nadal looks even better and better..and better..

Why do people whistle at a bad call during a tennis match?

He is the best for a reason...he is just too hard to predict...he mixes his shots so well and i think that this makes him the best ,,,,but now in the final on sunday...he has his work cut out Fernando Gonzalaz has acted as a giant killer in the grand slam...he has taken down so many players...including sunday will be a big day for Federer...i will move a bit from tv each shot by federer is worth watching and how he will tackle Gonzalaz...will be worth watching..

How much would you pay for Roger Federer's autograph?

yes he does. he is the best player ever! I think Rafa Nadal's run as No 2 is finished. the other players ahve figured out his game and realised there's nothing GREAT about it (don't get me wrong he's still a top-tenner). I think Gonzales is the new No 2 if not the number one, but he still has to prove himself at the highest level.

Tennis tryouts in 2 days!?

The thing is Federer's game keeps on improving...

whilst it takes a guy like Roddick quite a while to improve something and quite honestly I very much doubt Nadal will stay at number2 cause his game has improved so little over the past 2years...once a couple of players have a guy figured out, its tickets, whilst with Fed there's not really a specific thing you can do against him...

I would love to see Fed win the grand slam, as it would prove his supremacy, and explain why all the other players seem stuck in limbo!

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You should have added a hundred more 'better' s to your question.

Poverty makes them Champs, have u noticed ? The Williams sisters, Sharapova, etc?

Yes he does. If he goes on like this, he will win everything in sight until he gets injured, which won't be soon, because he's just so fit.

Tennis player evaulation?

I think Federer had a wonderful start this year, and he will probably continue to win a few titles this year, too. However, Roddick is going to rise from his fall. Roddick is coming back with stronger serve and even with more confidence. To be honest, Roddick needed one this kind of loss, which will only make him better player not only physically, but also mentally. He will rise like a star. Just wait and watch. Connor will not sit still until he makes Roddick No. 1, and it's happening in the near future, by the end of this year. Roddick is a hard working player,and his hard work will eventually turn into great success. Roddick will definitely beat Federer, and It's for sure happening at one those big "Grand Slam".

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