1 or 2 Handed backhand?

Question:What are the advantages of each? Federer uses 1-handed but he is the best in the world and an exception. Most others use two...which is the easiest to place the ball where I want on the court?

P.S. if anyone knows a good place to get lessons in the Greater Toronto Area, that would be fabulous.


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I have used both and taught both styles. I think it's important to note that almost no good two-hander today uses exclusively two hands. Most will use the two-hander for power shots and topspin, and switch to the one-hander for slices, approach shots, and shots hit while extended.
For most average players, I would recommend the two-hander as the basic shot, but with the ability to hit a one-handed slice.
Advantages of two-handers include:
Easier for most people to learn.
Better ability for most to cope with hard shots because the second hand provides support. This especially is true for returns of serve.
Better disguise for passing shots.

Some two-handed disadvantages:
Slightly shortens your reach on wide balls.
Slightly more physically demanding, as a rule, to get into position and to rotate through the shot.
Less flexibility in imparting variety of spin (especially backspin).
Less effective as an approach shot.

One-handed advantages: Greater variety of shots possible; better as an approach shot; physically less stressful.

One-handed disadvantages: Usually takes longer to learn; can break down against power players unless you have a sound one-hander with a strong grip.

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2-handed for beginners and semi-pro. 1-handed for Pros that are like top 100.

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2 hand

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2 handed gives more power and balence

but one handed is good for underspin and short shots

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The easiest to place the ball on the court is the two handed backhand. It's easier to keep your backhand consistant too.

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I use a two-handed backhand but I suppose using a one-handed backhand gives you more spin.

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a one handed backhand will give you more reach and is easier for returns. two hands will give you more stability and control and possibly, more power. stick with two hands because as you get older, you will get some pretty bad tennis elbow from the one hander. it is also a lot easier to control the racket face on a two handed backhand.

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If you are a beginer 2 hands is best. If you are two handed it is really easy to change to a one handed backhand in the future.

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2 hand is supose to give more power.. but its more which one the player is more comfortable with...

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2 handed hard, 1 handed spin/drop

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2 handed b/c i'm a girl

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2 handed is for more power. The 1 hand is for spin, however you will sometimes lose your balance with 1 hand. You use 1 hand in shots like the slice. Some experienced players use the 2 handed backhand for spins and it works incredibly well. The most important thing is to do what is the most comfortable for you. =)

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What are the advantages? In terms of:

Footwork: One-handed wins here. Two-handed backhands require very accurate footwork. If the ball bounces unexpectedly, it is more difficult to adapt with the two-hand backhand

Power: equal for the most part (just look at Agassi's excellent power on his 2 handed backhand).

Accuracy: Two-handed. It just seems to have more control. Esp. if you are a beginner, this will definitely be the case.

Spin: equal.

"Disguise": 2-handed backhand. It is very hard to read where a two handed backhand is going. That's because the player can disguise whether they connect early or late

Here is a good site for understanding the backhand:

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only the cool people have a 2 handed one

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1 handed for top 50

2 handed for semi-pros and begginers

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2-handed backhand, but a 1-hander makes you look more awesome because only a handful can make it work for them

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I have used both and I have found that both have strengths and weaknesses.


1-Handed backhands have better reach and more flexibility in variety of shots to hit. Plus it is more of a natural swing.

2-Handed backhands have better strength and consistency.


1-Handed backhands can be tough to use in hitting low balls (at your feet) with any power.

2-Handed backhands can limit your reach and reqiure very good footwork. Also, the technique required to learn is difficult.

It all comes down to what is more comfortable for you to hit. I, personally, use both. Each has its proper time to use. The difficulty in doing this is that I must determine quickly, which one I am going to use for the next shot.

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