Anybody else than me hates Federer, Roddick is so much better than him, he took the tennis way up, anybody?


Who is the better player Tim Henman or Andy Murray?

yessss oh man, you're so right. I'm pretty sure i hate federer. It's one thing to just keep winning and winning and never mixing it up, but its another thing to have every one of those matches be the most boring matches to watch. It's always straight sets, nothing's different. If anyone even gets close to stealing a set, it becomes the headline for the day. I'm so sick of it. Go retire.

And he has the most annoying style. When he plays, he's all relaxed, as if he's walking during every shot. His hair looks the same as it did when the match started, he hasn't sweat an ounce. It looks fake. I dont know, something about him really really bugs me.

Andy Roddick is like completely opposite, he's not afraid to show his emotions during a match, which makes it a million times more fun and interesting to watch. I'm right there with you. He's so much better.

U.S. Open - How many tennis players try to qualify and how many actually do so?

No, I wish I could agree with you, but you're dead wrong.

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I hate Federer. I love Roddick, But to say he is better then Federer , is going too far.

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srry, but federer is way above everyone else's league.. it's not right to say that roddick is better than him

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Nah, sorry. I can't say that I HATE him, although I do LOVE Roddick!

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tru dat

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Actually, Federer has accomplished so much more then Roddick. Roddick is was too cocky. Federer is always on top of his game. He is an ultimate gentleman.

When is the andy roddick an federe match and at what time?

with u man.

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U really do not have to Hate Federer coz he si obviously better than anyone else...don't lie to yrself..just look at him..being world no 1 since ages..and if Rodick is soooooo damned good..why isn't he the no 1...why can't he beat Federer in al opens??

How is mirjana lucic now?

roddick better than federer? you're kidding, right?

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