Andy Murray Who cares if he wins?

Question:I do not have a problem with the scotts or the welsh, i tend to support any british person in sport.

But Andy Murray angers me because, when the world cup was on he said in a interview, at wimbledon people should focus on him not football.

Come on Andy you were playing in england, what did you expect?

if he is aint england maybe he should stop playing tennis here

He has the mental age of a five year old

Does anybody agreed?


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Yes. I totally agree with you. He doesn't see himself as British but as Scottish and when you play tennis you represent Great Britain. It makes me angry to see people waving Union Jacks at Wimbledon for him - they obviously have no idea that he doesn't like the English. Hopefully Nadal has wiped the floor with him this morning but I haven't seen results yet.

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I agree; he comes across as a self important little git. Who cares what he does ?

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Who's Andy Murray?

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Yes! The world cup comes along every four years where as wimbeldon comes every year not to mention the other three major opens. He should wait till next year so there will be no distractions

Maria sharapova?

Why on earth should all of this tax your sensibilities ?
Be happy !
Don't worry !

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Pretty stupid of him to say he wants England to go out of the world cup just before he played at Wimbledon. Not the shiniest pebble on the beach. Hope he enjoys all the success Tim Henman has.

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I agree couldn't care less.

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I think we should support anyone who makes some kind of impression in sport. Generally speaking the English/Scottish/Welsh/Irish aren't high profile in the world sport scene are they? Let us be totally honest, you can count current GB world champs on fingers of one hand.

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If Murray wins we should all annoy him by calling him an Englishman.

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don't care now Safin has gone. Andy Murray seems like a jumped up little eejit!!And arrogant to boot, so come on Nadal!!

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I don't know much about tennis but i presume we Scot's people don't have anywhere like Wimbledon here in Scotland and I think if we had more Scots like Andrew Murray thing might improve for us and as far as football goes do you think we would want England to win??

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England (NOT the UK) builds them up to knock them down. They did it with Tim, and it will continue with Andy. Yes, he does seem arrogant, but maybe you have to be to really succeed at a sport (look at Colin Jackson!)

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well he has more chance of winning wimbledon than any of the home countries of winning the world cup.

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envy not a good ting


i'm pretty unbiased cos i'm irish, and I prefer Nadal to Murray... but get over it, he was joking! its good to see that he had a sense of humour!not so many sports people seem to have that should be proud of him and support him, he is after all ranked 15th in the world and he plays for BRITAIN. whatever happened to having pride in the sports people that represent your nation. that is the british peoples problem. Instead of supporting the people who work hard and get great success, they have to try their damned hardest to tear them down.

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Don't be anti-English. I'm English but I hate Murray.(He's Scottish anyways)
As weird as it may sound, I was totally rooting for my favourite player ever, Rafael Nadal and he won. I'm so happy!
He won in 5 tough sets and believe me the match was unbelievable.
Rafa proved his guts and I'm sure he'll make it!

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I agree to an extent. He is a self important git.

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I think Rafael Nadal is brilliant, delighted he won. Murray is a Scot, why would he like the English? Sure nevermind, when they get their independance he won't have to worry about having GBR after his name.He does come across arrogant , but he is a very good tennis player, grates me to say it.

Huw did you guys start out playing tennis? Why do you love this sport?

He said this with a "tongue in cheek" attitude, not as an anti-English attitude!
It is called a "sense of humour!"

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Steady on chaps, show some respect, this is Scotlands sporting hero. They havn't got many, so perhaps, we should be a little less outspoken, so that we don't hurt their feelings?

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