Answer this?

r u a tennis lover and y?


Did it rain on the first day of wimbledon 2007?

I love tennis because it gets the heart pumping and it's so exciting. Also, I love to think of myself as one of the Williams sisters and try to get as good as they are.

Who won n women's finals n oz open?

I like tennis, but I'm not a lover of tennis. =) I think it's a great sport!

When does a string need to be replaced?

no, and its boring. but some of the women are hot :P

Where is jim rome from?

No I am not.

Please learn to spell.

Any such incidence when a man has became professional tennis player after the age of 23-24 ?

yes i love tennis it is just addictive i hate leyton hewitt though he gets on me nerves love it when he loses

How and where did the word 'Love' equals zero, come about?

Yes I like tennis, squash and football.

Where to buy table tenis in india?

like no i can think of better things to do with my time than hitting a ball bk and forth all day what a silly question what a boring sport ma top 3 most hated sports are:

1) football- i mean come on ppl whats so fasinating about a group of men kicking a sack of air aroun

2) cricket- ppl who watch this ent got a life just goes on and on

3) tennis as i said above

this answer wont get me 10 points but least im honest

Tennis question?

I love tennis because it's so much fun to play and to watch. Also it's a sport you can play your whole life. It's can be an individual sport or a team (well, partner but same idea). It's also one of the cleaner sports.

How does clay court or grass court effect lawn tennis game?

i luv tennis with all my heart.i love playing tennis in tournamets.i am part of my tennis team in my rocks cause you erxercise with your friends.their is nothin and i mean nothin better then tennis!

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