Andre Agassi?

Andre Agassi, i think could have beat federer with room to spare. i'd say no more than 3 years ago. the reason being is because when they played each other agassi gave him a very good match and he wasn't at the top of his game like federer was. so if he was i think he could take him no problem...what do u think.


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They're both all time great players. Considering Sampress and Federer have comparable all round games, I think Agassi would not have fared well even in his prime against Federer's prime. However, I seriously doubt Federer will be playing competitively in ten years. Agassi's longevity is something to be admired.

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Agassi would win because Federer would have been distracted by his boyish good looks.

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Sure, in his prime (about 6-8 years ago), Agassi would probably beat Federer about 1 out of every 3 or 4 matches.

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Agassi could have beaten him if they were to have played eachother in Agassi's prime. However, Agassi would not have won a majority of their matchups, not even close. Federer is one of the best ever and is poised to win more Grand Slams than any player in history.

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You've got to be kidding.

Maybe at 1st glance: Agassi 8 slams, Federer 10.

But Federer is 25. At age 25: Agassi 3 Slams, Federer 10 (he won 9 before turning 25 and the '06 open right after he turned 25, and could win 2 or 3 more before he turns 26).

Career match win %: Agassi .761, Federer .796

If Andre played Federer at his peak (and get this, Federer may not have reached his best tennis yet, Andre hadn't by age 25), Federer would beat him easy.

Look at it another way. Andre couldn't get past Sampras (generally speaking, since Pete was clearly the best of his and Agassi's era, and the best all-time before Federer), and Federer is better than Sampras.

Pete at 25: 10 slams .
Pete's career match win %: .774

As soon as Federer wins 4 more slams and at least 1 French, he is a stone-cold lock as the best ever, something Agassi has really never been in consideration for.

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Andre Agassi was a great plaer, but he himself said that Roger Federer was the greatest player he had ever played yes Agassi might have beaten Federer a couple of times whilst in his prime...but I reckon Federer would've won the majority of their matches...

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Agassi would have so kicked Fed's butt!

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hi. i believe that andre has lots of skill and talent but i dont know bout him going up against federer. i like to think that nadal is the only one who has ever majorly been able to have the advantage against federer. nadal is my fave though so that explains my feelings but i do think andre could have beat federer back in the day when he was like unbeatable like federer but this is just my opinion.

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