Anybdy have favorite drills or techniques to teach beginner tennis?

I'm starting to teach tennis lessons for beginners, and I was wondering if anyone had a favorite game or technique that I could use


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Actually I do. Try practicing hitting the ball cross-court, it really helps for a beginner to get a feel on the court. Run around the tennis court a couple of times, dribbling the ball. Get someone to stand on your side of the net and throw you the ball at different speeds. You will get used to how to hit the ball in different situations. Also, try to get a hitting partner to serve the ball very close to the net on your side of the court. If you are on the baseline, it is a great drill to pick up speed. Don't slam your racket if you don't hit great at first. That is just for the greats(i.e. Turnisov, Sharapova, Agassi, Navratilova). I also give you this tip, extend your arm and slam on the ball. I hope this helps you out!

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Try to let them get the feel of the court, work on them with agility, cause thats mostly what tennis is about...So work on how they move, how fast they are, cause you have to know that to get the ball when the other person hits it on the other side...So teach them that and then teach them the other stuff, cause thats what i do with my students, and we have won 3 championships in a ROW!!
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My kids love to play Jail. I always use this as a reward at the end of the practice. Jail is when you have kids hit balls and when a ball is missed, they run to the other side of the court and are now "in jail." The only way they can get out of jail is by catching a ball that is hit by another player. The last person on the court wins!

Another suggestion is simply having THEM feed a ball. They will get used to how to hit the appropriate stroke if they have to feed a ball and get it over the net. Sometimes they swing all wrong and when we are feeding, they don't quite understand what they are doing. Hope this helps!

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