After Federer Lost in Rome Masters, Who will win the the title?

Question:Will Nadal win the Rome Masters for third time?
Who Will Nadal Face in the Final of the Rome Masters?


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Nadal Nadal Nadal. Federer wasn't going to win Rome anyway with Rafa in the draw still. With Roger gone, Rafa is playing with even more confidence, if that's possible. He demolished Djokovic today. There's not a player left who can beat him on the clay. He routinely beats Davydenko, Gonzalez' backhand is to easy to exploit on this surface and Volandri is just having a very good week but he doesn't have the skills to beat Nadal. Nadal will beat Gonzalez in the finals, i predict - 6-2, 7-5 or something like that.

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nadal has been very consistent lately. he deserve to win. :)

may the best player win!

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i think its gonna be nadal.

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Now, the time favours Nadal.I think he's going to win the title.

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Rafael was 'ill' before his pre-quarter final match, but that didn't stop him from hammering Mikhail 6-2 6-2. I think he's gonna win it for the third time in a row.

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Nadal is the overwhelming favorite to win now. He may have been the overwhelming favorite to win even before Federer lost!

Nadal's winning streak on clay (the surface the Rome Masters is played) is over 70 now. He has reached the semifinals and he has the absolute perfect game for clay. Nadal hits with heavy topspin and good pace from both sides. He's the fastest man in tennis. He has excellent stamina plus great consistency. He also has a very good lefty serve now.

He should win the tournament and also be the heavy favorite to win the French Open coming up.

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Even if Federer would have been in the final, Nadal would have won it. Canas or Volandri will be the finalist.

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I don't understand why you say "after Federer lost" as though he was favourite. Nadal is clearly number one on clay - The Monte Carlo Masters proved this

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