About how much does it cost to build a tennis court on a residential lot?


I have week to get better at tennis?

If you dont want any places to sit or anything fancy. Just paint the lines in and set up a net. You can play on grass, concrete, almost anything, as long as its relitivly flat. get some chalk or some paint and do the meauring. You could have your own court anywhere (as long as you have a net).

Does anyone think?


Where can I find a private tennis coach for my daughter? We live in Central Tx(Waco area)?

i built one for 5,000. i have net,fence,bench,and scoreboard. it depends what surface you want. concrete is the best outdoor surface but look for something that wont crack. if thay offer a crack repair plan, do it, mine cracks like crazy. but if you are looking just for a court, it will cost 2,500-3,500

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I think it cost about 4000 maybe 6000. But not more. Remember also that you have to renowate it than.

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