Am i the only 1 who thinks martina hingis is hot?!!!?

i mean she's pretty, has nice legs, has a cute butt & is very fragile


What's up with the tennis score sistem?

I agree 100% with everything you said about her, and I've even fantasized about her. However, just to raise a little contention, her complexion is kind of messed up, ruining what otherwise would be a great package! Then again, it wouldn't stop me from making "LOVE 40" times a week with her, if she would only "LET" me. You neglected to mention the beautiful, little "SET" on her, not to mention the great little "RACK(et)" she has. But alas, I think I'd have to "COURT" her first before she'd even consider me getting into her sweet little "SERVICE BOX", or for that matter, gently "STROKE" my aching, swollen yellowish/greenish
"SPAULDING BALLS". Ain't that the kick?

Who is the best Indian Tennis player?

You are not alone. Great pooper.

Which tennis player follows this ritual on serve?

no you are not!

Interview anyone?

I agree! She is so cute, perfect size, great smile, nice body. (unlike most of these Amazon women playing now)

Can anyone name this russian tennis player?

no ur but yes u r
when she wears her cap n play tennis she is superb to watch gud looking great tennis evry thing is gr8
when is removes that cap i hate i i dont even dare to c that that {}:@: she is

Where can I buy tickets for the US open?

Yes and theres nothing wrong with that...good for you

Hope this Helps

Will Sania Mirza ever make it to top 10?


On a ball launching machine, what innovations would u like to see?

No she is hot!

Who do you think is going to win the Davis Cup this year?

She is cute

How can i hit angled shots in tennis?

She is nice but he is not HOT

Help my game please?

I like her too though her forehead's a bit too wide and whenever I see her mom I start seeing how Martina will look like when she gets old and it just turns me off.

Have any ideas for sports team t-shirt phrases?

Sergio Garcia and Magnus Norman would agree with you. However, as dating her has not gone along with athletic success, it may be a good thing that so far she has not expressed any interest in Stephane Lambiel.

Do you think it's too late to improve my tennis skills at the age of 14?

Dude, I have thought she was really hot for years now, she would have made one heck of a gymnast too.

Which would you recommend?

No, she's my favorite, Serena is second

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