Another Posting on Aus Open site was top 10 tennis romances their answers were bad who do you rate?

Question:How could they miss
Hewitt & Clijsters
Gonzalez & Dulko - hottest couple eva
and maybe even Roddick and Sharapova (or is that just a rumour?)


My First Tennis Tournament?

hey i too was shocked to see no clijsters hewitt in the list cos they were a big couple when they were together.maybe they didnt put up rodapova cos its supposed to be a rumour.but i didnt know about gonzalez dulko infact i dont even know who dulko is.their list wasnt too impressive but i think the moya-penneta pic was fantastic and penneta was looking beautiful.i think the berdych-safarova pair is also really my vote goes to berdych-safarova and also to moya-penetta.

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how about Aggasi and Graf!

In tennis, what does ret. mean?

Right there with you!

Clijsters and Hewitt were THE allstar tennis couple! Definitely the most interesting!

Safarova and Lucie I like very much...did not know bout Dulko and Gonzalez...

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