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In the US Open, players are allowed 3 challenges over line calls. why don't we have this at Wimbledon?


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As everyone else has said, it is a fairly new addition to the game. It had been used at a few smaller tournaments in the past and the US open was the first grand slam to use it. It will take a while for the players and chairmen to get used to it before it is used in every tournament. It kinda goes along the lines with on-court coaching between sets. That was also used in a few warm-up tournaments before the US Open. These two additions to the game are to bring more excitement for the audience at tennis matches. Eventually, if everything goes as planned and there are no objections by the players, both of these will fully expressed into the Pro Tennis circuit.

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They are always challenging the line calls at Wimbledon - it's just that no one really listens to them!

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It's a very new rule. If Wimbledon were to adopt it, it would be next time.

Or, they might not want to adopt it. They are in charge of their own tournament. It's kind of like 'why does wimbledon have grass courts, and French Open have dirt?'

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It has been an on going experiment and if successful then it will be written into the Grand Slam rules.


because this is a new feature and it was introduced in the Us Open and i think from now on it will be used in te other Grand Slams

The whole question is on the details section! Please answer seriously! Thanks!?

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. It is a very traditional event. There is also the all white dress code. The 3 challenges rule is a very new concept related with technology.Thus it was first used in US Open. I would'nt be surprised if the rule is used at wimbledon in a few years.

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The US Open is very new compared to Wimbledon in History.Wimbledon has kept to traditional rules and only rarely changes the rules.

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