Anyone a fan of James Blake?


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I am. He has a great game. Powerful groundstrokes, lightning footspeed. He's one of only a handful of guys to win two or more tournaments so far this year.
When you consider the terrible year he had in 04 (father dying, neck injury, shingles, etc, it's remarkable what he's acheived since. Last July, he had all of 1 career ATP title to his name. In the past eight months, he's already added another 4 to that total.
Then there was the showdown with Agassi at last year's US Open and his runner-up effort (losing to Federer) in Indian Wells. He even has a winning record against Nadal. Pretty impressive stuff.
It's hard not to like him.

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I love Roddick, but Blake has a great game and I just can't get over his determination. What a fighter!

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he got a hot gf

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James Blake is way cool! He is the best out of US besides Roddick. He is such a fighter, never gives up and I love him for that. Plus you don't see any black players out there (no offense) and it is cool to see that as well. James Blake is way cool!

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I think he's a great role model, but I like Gasquet

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I like Blake but he is very inconsistent and tends to choke under pressure.

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