1/8: Juliette Lewis or Winona Ryder?

Pick your favourite!


Why is Rafael Nadal so good at being a grinder?


Who do you think is the greatest tennis player ever?

Juliette Lewis

She's prettier and her band is awesome

When is blakes new racquet coming out?

Juliette. She's WEIRD. Edgy, but somehow vulnerable. I think that makes her interesting to watch. I'd love to see her in more stuff.

What is a Bra size of Sania Mirza?

I really can't stand either, but if I had to choose, it would have to be Juliette..I absolutely can't stand Winona.

Will Jankovic get to #1 in the future? She has just won Rome, and she's been playing unbelievably this year...

Ryder she is just so amazingly beautiful.

Can't the umpire over-rule a wrong call as evidenced by Hawkeye?

Is it that you have to pick an eighth of the person? I am confused.

How do you get tickets to Wimbledon for the finals matches of both women's and men's?

winona ryder

Is Amelie Mauresmo Married ?

Can't pick one love them both!

Can anyone know the contact details of Tennis Player Maria Sharapova?

WEll.this is a hard one

Hope this helps

Did Marcos Bagdatis loss to that black dude or not?

Who cares? How is this related to tennis? Get back on the court..

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