Am i too old?

i've always loved tennis and i had a private coach when i was 8 for a few months, but that stopped b/c she had to go to university. i was interested in starting again but i'm in my mid-teens, should i expect to do well or am i just too old to do well in a sport i've basically never really played before?


Tennis.please answer!?

Yes, prob too old if you aspire to go to Wimbeldon. But you are at a great age to play well with friends.

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no i don't think ur 2 old go for it

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u r not too old and u should do it

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Of course your not too old! your in school gee is'nt that where you learn new things improve old ones. Get a racket and go for it.

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You're never too old to do anything you want and excel in it. Not unless it's something like gymnastics...

Frankly, I believe that if you love doing something, just do it for the love and the fun of it! Enjoy life!

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dont let anyone tell you your too old to play tennis it is a great sport and if you go out every day and do your best i doesnt matter how old you are...look @ agassi

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if u want to u can do it just try hard and you never know wat may happen

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How could you be too old if you are only in your mid teens.
Go for it!!!!

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Not at all. You should start playing.

Mahendra Sing Dhoni was a football player and started playing Cricket when he was at 15/16+ and he is in Indian team now.

If you have good fitness and pick up the game well then probably you will be whre you want to be. All the best in advance.

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No you are not. I started late in tennis but I am definitely enjoying the game. Just go for it.

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You can get good without a doubt. If you have the time to practice and take lessons you will make up ground quickly. You probably already know most of the fundamentals. Just go out there and work your tail off.

Really Important Question?

Mid teens? NO way. Am 17 and started playing when I was 16. I play and win against people who have been playing for years. At first tennis was hard. I was missing the ball and hiting just as many over the fence. But after a week of tennis and some wall time you get good enough to get a good rally. The only thing I havent master is the serve. Tennis is very fun you never to old to do anything.

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NO!! ur not too old. i started when i was 7 and stopped playin in 7th and 8th grade. but i stated back when i got to high school and now im playin in the lineup (which is only 6 spots).

go ahead and keep playin. go take lessons and play when ever you have free time. you'll get better. trust me. my teammates have!! GOOD LUCK

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if you are a really good athelete, and if you are relatively healthy, no reason why a mid-teen can't still give tennis a shot. if you want to make it as a pro, you will obviously have to dedicate 100% of your life to tennis. and it may take several years for you to be at that level, but no reason why you can't work towards this goal and try to break into the pros in your early 20s. many american stars go through the college tennis system and turn pro from there.. it can be done! good luck!

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Nah...midteens is young. If you have the passion and desire,
you can do it. You will just have to work harder than those who
started at an earlier age than you to make up for the lost time if you want to be the best possible player you can be. If you are a great or even a good athlete who has balance, and co-ordination, those skills are transferable to tennis. The best tennis players are usually good or great athletes, who would be good or even great in other sports. Michael Chang, Boris Becker, and Michael Stich had soccer backgrounds. Jim Courier came from baseball, while Steffi Graf was considering pursuing track and field as an option before choosing tennis. Kim Clijster's father was an ex-professional soccer player. Lleyton Hewitt's father was an ex-professional athlete as well.
Your odds will improve if you are involved with some other sports, because it needs the handeye coordination of a baseball
player, the balance of a football player, the footwork of a soccer player, not to mention the speed of a runner, plus the athleticism
of a basketball player. Tennis is a sport that incorporates skills
from other sports, and these skills are transferable to tennis.
If you put in the time to get to your best level in terms of mental,
physical and emotional levels, you can reach your peak level.

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I don't think You should a silly think like age stop you from doing what You want!

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You defidently aren't too old. I've been playing tennis for ten years and am on the varsity team at my high school. Some of my friends who have only played tennis for a couple of years play in better positions than me on my tennis team. If you start getting private lessons now and already have experience with this sport you'll start doing great before you know it!! Do what you love and go for it!! :)

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